Personal Assistance Plan(Commodity)

Track Sheets

Kindly Note The Stock Research Does not Provide any Profit Sharing, Guaranteed Services, And Which are not Mentioned in our Website. If Any Person Try To Sell Such Type Of Product Kindly Call On +918827400879 (Investment In Stock And Commodity Market Are Subject To Market Risk)


This product is designed for an exclusive group of traders, who do heavy trading in Metals & Energy. The recommendation is provided in MCX segments. The unique proposition for this segment is that the recommendation generated in this product goes through highest level of scrutiny before it is delivered to subscriber of this segment. The movement in MCX is dependent on Comex market (US commodity exchange) and dollar index. When we get exact level from all the study, only then that trading recommendation is made available to PAP clients.

Service Features
  • Minimum 2 intraday calls in Precious Metals, Base Metals and Energy as per client requirement.
  • 1 STBT and BTST calls in Precious Metals, Base metals and Energy in a week.
  • Calls are given through SMS , Chat or through phone calls as per client convenience.
  • Telephonic support from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
  • Support on your invested portfolio.
  • Instant query resolution
  • Global Market Update.
Commodity Lot Size Target 1 Target 2 Stop Loss
Gold 100 100 100 100
Silver 30 400 1000 800
Copper 1000 4 8 6
Zinc 5000 1.5 3 2.5
Lead 5000 1.5 3 2.5
Aluminum 5000 1.5 3 2.5
Nickel 250 12 20 15
Crude Oil 100 50 100 80
Natural Gas 1250 3.50 6 3.5